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Toyota Wreckers Melbourne

Give a Little, Get a Lot in Return with Toyota Wreckers Melbourne
Want to get rid of your old, unwanted, dysfunctional Toyota model, have it towed for free, AND get a big chunk of cash that same day? Keep reading.

One rarely has the opportunity to feel as if one is getting a great business deal in modern times. It is even more unlikely to expect to be able enter a transaction with someone whenever what you have to trade is older or less impressive than the very latest technology. Despite our society’s obsession with new and fancy car models that communicate a certain social status, Toyota Wreckers Melbourne seeks out the hidden gems that may only look like broken down and rusted clunkers which are decades old. Here at our headquarters, the old adage is true: One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.

Sound interesting? Please give us a call during the business week at 0476444111 for a consultation.

Qualifying Vehicles

Think such an arrangement sounds too good to be true and that you couldn’t possibly be able to participate? This is almost certainly not the case! Toyota Wreckers Melbourne has a use for almost all unwanted Toyota models, regardless of their condition, age, or status. It doesn’t matter if it’s a van that was manufactured in 1980 or a sedan from 2015. We can use most of what our customers offer. Don’t just assume — ask us!

Below are lists of some of the vehicles we are interested in taking off your hands:


Toyota Cars


  • • Toyota Corolla
  • • Toyota Camry
  • • Toyota Previa
  • • Toyota Yaris
  • • Toyota Starlet
  • • Toyota Corona
  • • Toyota Caldina
  • • Toyota Prius
  • • Toyota Matrix
  • • Toyota Echo
  • • Toyota Avalon
  • • Toyota Estima
  • • Toyota Paseo
  • • Toyota Supra




Toyota Trucks and SUVs, Too

• 79-83 Toyota Pickup Truck
• 84-88 Toyota Pickup Truck
• 89-95 Toyota Pickup Truck
• Toyota Tacoma Pickup Truck
• Toyota T100 Pickup Truck
• Toyota Tundra Pickup Truck
• 84-89 Toyota 4-Runner
• 90-95 Toyota 4-Runner
• 96-02 Toyota 4-Runner
• 03-08 Toyota 4-Runner
• Toyota Hilux – All variants and models
• Toyota Sequoia Van
• Toyota Rav-4 SUV
• Toyota Previa Van
• Toyota Sienna Van
• Toyota Surf Van
• Toyota Highlander SUV


Toyota Commercial Vehicles

• Toyota Hiace
• Toyota Townace
• Toyota Tarago
• Toyota Litace
• Toyota Masterace
• Toyota Dyna
• Toyota Coaster

Why We Want Your Toyota Clunkers and What We Do With Them

Why would we be eager to possess so many unwanted vehicles? Toyota Wreckers Melbourne is essentially a dismantling service. Vehicle dismantlers take apart cars, trucks, and vans and separate usable parts from dysfunctional or useless components, then crush the remainder and sell it for scrap metal. We are Toyota recyclers who keep up with clients’ auto salvage needs.

Even though the majority of the vehicles we secure have been in some kind of accident, Toyota Wreckers Melbourne is still able to pull good, usable parts from them and sell them to interested dealers. Some of the items we may take are trans axles, starters, intake and exhaust manifolds, emission system parts, fuel system parts, interior parts, seats, alternators, body panels, doors, hoods, fenders, windows, headlights, tail lights, computers, control modules, bumpers, stereo equipment, shocks and struts, brake parts, tires and rims, and more.

Why Toyota?

The Toyota brand is one of the most highly-respected and reliable car brands in the world. In fact, is the most best-selling brands in automotive history. It maintains a good reputation and consumer appeal. Reselling its parts is painless and smooth. This makes it easy for us to offer top-dollar compensation rates to our customers. Any Toyota brand trade-in will earn you up to $9,999 without any hassles or hidden charges.

If You’re Looking for Toyota Parts…

Toyota Wreckers Melbourne is a well-known carrier of used Toyota parts. We specialize in quality second-hand Toyota components. Our company makes sure to pull only the most pristine and safe car components from its used fleet, so if you are also looking for a location that can offer you maintenance parts for the vehicle you hope to keep for years to come, please contact us. We can help you with all of your car issues. Come to us and we will offer you expert assistance.

Take Comfort in Our Excellent Reputation

Toyota Wreckers Melbourne is an LMCT license holder in Australia. Thus, we are publicly licensed motor car traders who have cultivated a trustworthy reputation. Our expert team is legally able to purchase used cars, trucks, and vans from individuals who no longer have use for them. Have no doubt that you are in excellent hands when you visit our well-established site. We will take care of you competently and professionally.

The Promise of Cash

As mentioned, Toyota Wreckers Melbourne boasts an irresistible deal of instant cash upon the relinquishment of an unwanted Toyota model. We assure a same-day payout to those who visit our location, and for this reason we are confident that we are the best choice for you. Because we pay cash on the spot — up to $9,999 for each vehicle — we are one of the most competitive wrecker services in Australia. No one else can match our compensation rates.

That’s right! Today, you could take home a significant chunk of cash just for getting rid of your old, unwanted Toyota anywhere in Melbourne. Our payout does differ depending on the year, make, and condition of your vehicle, but we always leave customers leaving satisfied. If you are curious about the amount you might be able to take home, please contact us for a FREE quote by phone at 0476444111, or you could submit your request electronically, and we will get back to you right away. We would love for you to choose us as your wrecker business, and once you make contact with us, you will realize how hard we try to please our customers.

Get a New Car!

Given our competitive rates, our customers may take joy in the fact that the cash we offer them for their practically unusable vehicles that they might have felt pressured to keep driving can even be used to purchase a new, safer, and more desirable car. Some people may feel trapped in an unfortunate situation given their lack of means, but our company likes to offer mobility to our customers that will help make them happy. Yesterday, you could have been driving a tarnished and problematic Toyota with years of wear, but now, you can take control of your situation and send it to us. When you do, you will be provided with a more than fair wad of cash.

Again, $9,999 could be in your hands TODAY!

No-Hassle, Free Towing

Not sure how you could bring your damaged Toyota to us? No problem! Toyota Wreckers Melbourne tries to make our customers’ lives even easier by taking the task of vehicle removal off of their hands. Our location offers free towing and transport for any old, wrecked, and unwanted Toyota that we choose to select for our fleet. Our removal service covers all of Melbourne. You don’t have to try to fix your car, truck, or van. Toyota Wreckers Melbourne will take it “as is” and be happy to travel to your home to pick it up. Once we do, we will also give you cash. You’re getting paid to get rid of a problem and free up space in your yard or garage!

We Owe Our Success to You

We are not one of those companies that forgets that customers are our lifeblood. In the automotive industry, it is unfortunate that many professionals attempt to mislead or game unknowing individuals for a quick profit. This has given the field as a whole a bad name, or caused many to be skeptical of advertised deals. Toyota Wreckers Melbourne entirely disapproves of this strategy and prides itself on its honesty and transparency when entering into contracts with the public. We know we owe your success to you, our customers, and we value word of mouth reviews!

Take Advantage of Our Quick, Convenient Process

We like to pride ourselves on our empathy and ability to see things from our customers’ points of view. This is why Toyota Wreckers Melbourne is one of Australia’s best car trading services. We have created an extremely easy set of steps for those who are tired of being tied down by their unwanted Toyota cars, trucks, or vans.

1. Call Us NOW! When you dial our number, you will be on the line with an expert professional who is committed to providing you with as much information as you need in order to comfortably move forward with a deal with us. Your inquiry will always end in a free quote. Have your license number ready.

2. Book an Appointment! Once we finalize your quote, you will be able to book a time with us to pick up and remove your vehicle. Make sure you remove any belongings or important pieces from the car, truck, or van. We offer same-day service and flexible scheduling for our busy customers. Don’t worry — we will take care of the details so you don’t have to worry about them.

3. Cash Money on the Spot! It truly is easy as 1-2-3. Once we do all of the paperwork for you and pick up your vehicle, we will place the cash you deserve into your hands. It’s as simple as that!

What are You Waiting For?
How many of us struggle in the current economy as we try to provide for our families and live our lives as meaningfully as we possibly can? How often does money factor into our decisions and sometimes hold us back from the things we truly want? Toyota Wreckers Melbourne understands these concerns and would love to partner with you and ensure that you enter a satisfying business contract with a trusted car trading company who might be able to make your life a bit easier.

Why just let your old, unwanted, wrecked Toyota model languish outside or in your garage? Let us take it off of your worry list and provide you with something you can actually use.

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